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Aims and Objectives of the Club


To be accepted into the Club Members must have achieved a high standard in sporting activities or sports administration. Club Membership provides the opportunity of mixing socially with others through the medium of sport. 

Aims and objectives of Club Membership are: 

  1. To hold regular dinners at which members and guests, whatever their interest, can meet socially and discuss matters of general interest and be entertained by a prominent visiting sporting personality. 

  1. To use its voice and influence for the betterment of sport in Ballarat. 

Nomination Procedure


Prospective new members must be invited and nominated by an existing member. 

Nomination form must contain a full summary of the prospective member’s sporting achievements and then be submitted to the Committee for consideration. 

Obligations of Membership


Members are expected to attend every Dinner Meeting of the Club where possible. They are notified of these dinners by notice every month by email or mail at least 2 weeks before the dinner. The notice contains information on the guest speaker and a section for members wishing to bring guests. This information and payment is then returned to the Secretary. 

If circumstances prevent a member’s attendance the Secretary must be notified by 7.00pm. on the Monday preceding the dinner. Failure to apologise can incur a fine covering the dinner cost at the time. 

Membership can be terminated if regular attendance is not occurring and the Committee can make this decision if it sees fit to do so. 

Members must be punctual and conduct themselves in an orderly and courteous manner. 

Members dress will always consist of a lounge suit or sports jacket and shirt and the club tie must be worn. Guests are expected to dress to a similar standard. 

Sports Represented in Club Membership​​

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